Why Seamless Leggings are Better?

Women's Seamless Gym Leggings
We are excited to introduce our new women's athletic apparel. Introducing a good section for the first run of women's sports bras and leggings suited for you gym needs.   

Our new seamless gym leggings are a great new way to continue your summer training. The new Archetype leggings designed to enjoy your experience with squats, stretches, lifting, cardio and a serious amount of sweating. The new sports bra and leggings sets are durable enough to withstand regular washing requirements especially our new Archetype seamless gym leggings, extremely durable to last workout after workout, wash after wash.

Archetype women's seamless gym leggings have no creases or stitching, making them more durable due to the fact that there is no stitching to break, which other gym leggings often have. From frayed to splitting seams and stitching, seamless leggings are harder wearing and more able to keep up with your tough workout.

When you exercise, the last thing you want is to be thinking about is gym wear. You want to be able to focus on our speed and strength, on our breathing and feeling, without worrying that our leggings are going to split or rub. Our new Archetype seamless gym leggings adjust better to your body offering a more supportive, closer, more flattering fit. They are extremely comfortable, fitting like a glove, leaving you to focus on your workout, and not on problem clothing.


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