Comfortable Training Shorts with Style

Camo Training Shorts

What is great material for training shorts? 

Choosing the right material for athletic apparel is one of the top key indicators how the apparel will perform under the stresses of training. Choosing the right material as well determines the comfortability of the athletic wear as well. That is why we focus on choosing the right material to aid in the athlete's needs to perform during the stresses of all high intensity sports.  That is why we choose to use a 95/5 ratio of polyester to spandex for our shorts. We know that the right ratio of material can help performance by withstanding high velocity movements and/or has a heavy squat day without hindering range of motion of the movement preventing injuries and increasing targeted muscle contractions.

Shorts that Provide Style Confidence during training

Our shorts style confidence to your personal style that makes you FEEL like your best self during training and active lifestyle. It encourages you to go out into the world, with your held high, and find your own strength through your style. Our line of designer shorts give you a line of choices to express your style confidence during your training or during your daily activities. 


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